Take care of your color!


Minu- “Illuminating”


I first fell in love with the Davines Minu shampoo, conditioner and mask the first time I used it.  Can we say love at first smell?  Because that is exactly what it was!!  Because lets be honest, if you don't like the way a shampoo smells, you will not use it.  But then I started using this product line on my clients and I was hooked!  What do I love? The smell, (oh wait I already said that), the lather, the silkiness, and of course the condition of the hair after.  I was amazed that my clients hair felt like I just colored it even though it had been several weeks.  The hair is truly illuminated!


Want your color to last, keep its shine and to feel like it was just colored?  Then the Davines Minu line is what you have been looking for. There is a reason this product is award winning.  It’s amazing!! All of the product in the Minu line have the extract of the caper blossom, which creates a protective action for the hair.


Minu shampoo is ideal for color treated hair. It's formula, characterized by a rich and full-bodied foam, is designed to gently cleanse colored hair, protecting the color and keeping it shiny for a longer period of time. 

~Winner of Self magazine's 2015 Self Approved Beauty Awards


Minu conditioner is designed to untangle colored hair, while leaving it soft and silky, and protecting cosmetic color.  Another bonus, its weightless!!


Minu (pak) hair mask is a 10-15 minute at-home treatment for dry and dull colored hair.  It's formula is designed to deeply nourish colored hair, while leaving it soft and silky, and improving the duration of cosmetic color.